terms & conditions

These terms and conditions form part of the contract between the removalist and the owner of the items being moved. 

1. Three (3) men and a truck will be provided by Cut Rate Removals to complete most removalist jobs. In the event, where three (3) men have been quoted and, Cut Rate Removals is unable to provide the said three (3) man team on the day, the customer will be advised in advance if the customer still wishes to proceed with the job and has the right to cancel the work at their discretion.

2. Glass or other delicate in nature items: lampshades, paintings, prints, antiques, electronic equipment, or any other items of a similar nature are carried by the carrier with the understanding that the risk is 100% borne by the customer, All efforts will be made to convey such items safely but the risk factor is accepted fully by the customer and no compensation is agreed to.

3. Any claim for Liability/damaged or faulty workmanship is extinguished once the carrier leaves the worksite. All inventory is to be visually checked by the customer at the unloading/placement phase. In the circumstance of a claim being presented by the customer, the carrier limits such claims to not exceed $1,000.00.

4. In the circumstance of failure to pay for services rendered debt recovery will follow. Our nominated commercial agent will undertake the legal process. Whereby enclosing their costs and adding to the service provider’s costs and the accrued interest to the outstanding amounts.

5. Charge out rate is set between pickup and drop off address. 

6. Minimum hire is 2 hours unless prior arrangement.

7. We do not provide mattress or sofa covers. We only use removalists blankets.

8. Once all blankets are folded, and secured on truck, then the job is deemed completed.

9. 2-3 men teams available (usually the third man is there for the benefit of the driver to allow more ease with loading of the items).

10. After 2 hours and 5 minutes, the next half hour is applied.

11. Extra service charges on extra heavy items.

12. For removal distances longer than 100 kilometers in total, an additional price will be charged for fuel. By accepting Cut Rate Removals as your removalist, the customer acknowledges they are liable for paying this seperate fuel surcharge when invoiced.

The current fuel surcharge is $0.80 per kilometre and is subject to adjustment from time to time without notice.

13. All quotations are an estimate only, and are not enforceable as a fixed or final price.

14. Cut Rate Removals offers qualifying customers the opportunity of receiving a complimentary vacation accommodation voucher.

As from Thursday 15th December 2022 this opportunity and promotion has ceased and is no longer available to anyone. All vouchers issued prior to the above date are valid and useable by the recipient subject to the terms and conditions of the accommodation provider.

(This complimentary vacation accommodation voucher is subject to the acceptance, by the qualifying customer, of all the terms and conditions as contained on the website at www.choosemyholiday.com . The afore mentioned website explains how the complimentary vacation accommodation voucher is to be used by the recipient and all the terms and conditions contained therein apply).

15. Any moving boxes or containers that are packed by anybody other than the removalist or their designated employee will only be transported at the sole risk of the owner of the goods being moved.

(Invariably when owners pack their own possessions, they are not wrapped and packed securely enough which allows for movement and breakage of the items – this is outside the control of the removalist).

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